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Carolina Panthers Depth Chart
January 11, 2010, 6:39 pm
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Pos. First Team Second Team Third Team
WR 89 Steve Smith 80 Dwayne Jarrett 83 Charly Martin*
LT 70 Travelle Wharton 65 Garry Williams*
LG 73 Mackenzy Bernadeau 72 Duke Robinson*
C 67 Ryan Kalil 73 Mackenzy Bernadeau
RG 68 Keydrick Vincent 72 Duke Robinson*
RT 74 Geoff Schwartz 64 Rob Petitti
TE 47 Jeff King 88 Dante Rosario 82 Gary Barnidge
WR 87 Muhsin Muhammad 81 Kenneth Moore
QB 3 Matt Moore 11 A.J. Feeley 14 Hunter Cantwell*
FB 45 Brad Hoover 42 Tony Fiammetta*
RB 34 DeAngleo Williams 28 Jonathan Stewart 33 Mike Goodson*
Pos. First Team Second Team Third Team
LDE 96 Tyler Brayton 95 Charles Johnson 91 Everette Brown*
DT 75 Hollis Thomas 98 Nick Hayden*
DT 92 Damione Lewis 61 Derek Landri
RDE 90 Julius Peppers 91 Everette Brown* 97 Hilee Taylor
LOLB 53 Na’il Diggs 56 Quinton Culberson
MLB 52 Jon Beason 55 Dan Connor
ROLB 50 James Anderson 57 Jordan Senn
LCB 20 Chris Gamble 41 Captain Mennerlyn* 21 Dante Wesley
RCB 31 Richard Marshall 27 C.J. Wilson 23 Sherrod Martin*
SS 43 Chris Harris 26 Quinton Teal
FS 30 Charles Godfrey 23 Sherrod Martin*
Pos. First Team Second Team Third Team
K 4 John Kasay 5 Rhys Lloyd
P 7 Jason Baker 4 John Kasay
H 7 Jason Baker
PR 41 Captain Mennerlyn* 81 Kenneth Moore
KR 22 Tyrell Sutton* 33 Mike Goodson*
LS 44 J.J. Jansen
Season-Ending Injuries
OT 69 Jordan Gross 79 Jefff Otah
LB 58 Thomas Davis 59 Landon Johnson
QB 17 Jake Delhomme 12 Josh McCown
DT 93 Tank Tyler 99 Maake Kemoeatu 94 Louis Leonard
DT 60 Corey Irvin*
G 71 C.J. Davis*
* Indicates Rookie/First Year Player

The Purpose and Vision of ‘The NFL Manager’
November 30, 2009, 4:42 pm
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We wanted to have the very first article ever published on ‘The NFL Manager’ talk about its purpose and vision, so that you can have a good feel for the pulse of this blog. We have outlined a few components of this blog, and then briefly described ‘The NFL Manager’s’ vision through each of them:


We here at ‘The NFL Manager’ are excited to bring you top-quality articles on relevant headlines in the National Football League. We want to give you ideas and information that include every single team in the NFL. There won’t be hundreds of articles a week, probably nowhere near even a hundred, but ‘The NFL Manager’ is committed to giving you quality, not quantity, in its articles.

Article Requests:

‘The NFL Manager’ is excited to announce that we will be taking article requests. Do you have a topic that you would love to hear more about? Have you ever wanted to know more about something in the NFL, maybe a team, player, rule, etc.? How about a thought or idea that you’ve had about your team that you would love to get feedback on? You pick the topic (remember: NFL related only) ‘The NFL Manager’ will respond!

General Manager Perspective:

‘The NFL Manager’ promises to publish articles that will give you a General Manager’s perspective, what other site does that? Ever wonder how a story or bit of information affects not only the present situation of your team, but the long-term future as well? If you are a true fan of your favorite NFL team, you have a vested interest in the long-term success of your team. What happens today, this week, or this year, affects your team’s future, and ‘The NFL Manager’ will discuss exactly how. Giving a more complete outlook on NFL news is our goal for every article, whether it is through whole articles devoted a General Manager’s perspective, or a wrap-up summary at the end of the article.

Filtered Commentary:

I don’t know about you, but we here at ‘The NFL Manager’ have been disgusted with the forums and commentary on other sports sites, more than half of the comments are not even related to the topic that was posted. Well, no more! We vow to give you a place to post your honest thoughts about whatever article has been written that WILL NOT include offensive and inappropriate language, or un-related material. It is an awesome thing to be able to share your thoughts about the NFL with others around the globe, and we at ‘The NFL Manager’ take that seriously. Our goal is to inspire great debate!

Appropriate Content:

It is sad to see how much sports websites have gotten into promoting other, inappropriate, material. ‘The NFL Manager’ is committed to integrity, not only in sports, but in life. We will not be posting content that will be immoral or inappropriate. Again, we are committed to integrity, as what is right and honest and true is more important to us than football.

There are good sports sites out there, make no mistake… However, none of them give you a Manager’s perspective in each article, and very few of them offer a place to post your comments that guarantees a straightforward discussion about the topic, keeping the commentators on subject, and on track.

So, without further explanation, let’s get this website started!


-The Manager